Rabbi's Message - September 2022

New Beginnings – A New Year!!

New beginnings are always exciting and special, and indeed the more so when they are integrated with our best hopes and dreams for the future. In sharing this, my first article for our TTY monthly bulletin, I am honored, grateful, and delighted to be able to serve as the rabbi of this most unique and special congregation. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have welcomed me so warmly and personally, from those who have come up and introduced yourselves to me at the Temple, to those who have hosted meet-and-greet get-togethers with others in their homes, to others I’ve met in other venues. I am looking forward to hopefully sharing some of the most memorable moments of our lives in the coming weeks and months ahead with you.

In thinking about this message in the context of our approaching new Jewish year, I recalled the saying of one of my teachers at the Jewish Theological Seminary, the late professor Moshe Held: “Tetzei shanah atikah im kol tzaroteya, v’ti’kanes shanah chadashah im kol birchoteha”, “That the old year with all its troubles should pass, and the new year with all of its blessings should enter.” Certainly, as we join the rest of our country in adjusting and charting strong and bold pathways ahead in the wake of all of the challenges of the last several years, post-Covid and otherwise, we can and should focus on all of our blessings, which are many and bounteous.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you, and to working with all of the various constituent groups of our Temple, from the Sisterhood to the Men’s Club, to the children in our school, to those in the pre-K and Sprouts group with their parents, to the recent cadre of post Bar/Bat mitzvah students, to those in our FNL group, and with all of you participating in our other groups and committees, as well as being able to represent our congregation to the greater local and statewide community as well. In this spirit, I’d like to wish all of you then a most special hope for a “Shanah Tovah u’m’vorechet”, a “Good (new) and Blessed Year” ahead.

Rabbi David Barnett


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